Kevin German Talks Luceo

Woke up this morning to find Kevin German's latest blog entry about Luceo Images in my inbox.  This December marks one year since we flew to Atlanta, camped on David Walter Banks' apartment floor (literally), and put together our plan for what Kevin describes as: 

"[A] collective formed by like-minded, passionate photographers that simply wish to have a greater voice by banding and branding together. Our collective could not serve as a representation of our work ... in fact, it is quite the opposite. It is the photographer who represents the collective. Actively promoting and searching out new clients ... not just for themselves, but for the other group members as well. When one of us do[es] well, we all do well."
Kevin's post also draws from an interview given by group provocateur David Walter Banks on Aphotoeditor.com explaining his enthusiasm and belief that the photographer lone-wolf mentality is becoming a harmful proposition in an increasingly saturated industry.  Banks elaborates:
“The other reason for all this is our belief in helping each other out and being open in the photo industry rather than the one-for-all mentality that is so engrained. We can all work together to edit new projects, work up budgets, make pitches and generally have power in numbers.”

As I finalize my travel preparations for Luceo's second annual meeting coming up in New York, I am pleasantly surprised by the developments and enthusiasm in our group over recent months.  This year, though, I'm not sleeping on the floor.  

David Walter Banks
Kevin German (who came out in spite of being sick as death squared)
Kendrick "Claudia" Brinson
Tim Lytvinenko (on his damn Iphone)

Not pictured: Matt Eich & Chip Litherland.

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Jeremy said...

"the photographer lone-wolf mentality is becoming a harmful proposition"

I love this concept. It always seemed odd to me that a group of seemingly open-minded individuals had such closed networks. Of course this is not true across the board and I've found some wonderfully open and caring photographers in the last few years.

Thank you for being so open and sharing.