RNC: Acceptance

Leaving out some of the color work from the protests outside the convention on the day of the acceptance.  Most of those images appear below in Polaroid format.  I'm as happy with those images as I am with the color files and hate to be redundant.  Anyhow, I've been on a string of assignments that have kept me away from my blog for the last eight days.  Time to finalize the RNC work and bring this project to a close.  A complete edit will appear on my site within the next few days as well as a group project shot together with David Walter Banks to follow on the Luceo site.  


RNC: Arrest-a-Roids

Been shooting non-stop since I returned from the RNC.  Heading out in the morning for another four days.  Might be a break in the storm after the weekend so that I can have a chance to update the color work from the RNC and write something a little more substantial than minimalist captions.  Context for some of these pictures is important.  The short story is that there were a lot of arrests at the RNC.  The longer story deserves more than a sentence.  Anyhow, getting through police lines to the final speech turned out to be an exercise in dealing with less-than-professional police officers.  I have a pretty strong feeling that the protesters who were arrested (along with a handful of journalists) might have more colorful adjectives in mind.  

Seems like a reasonable place to put a police line.
And another in front of the Cathedral.  
Arizona Delegate following the big speech.


RNC: Crowd-a-Roids

RNC: Day 3

Texas Delegation.
Hawking The Onion in line for the convention.
Convention Volunteers
The mirror under the photographers' riser.


RNC: Polaroids

Clay and Lauren Whitfield.  Guests of the Florida Delegation.
WWE Wrestler, Mickie James.  In attendance to promote WWE's Smack Down the Vote campaign.
Texas delegate Trey Stinnett and girlfriend Paula Stag, an alternate delegate.
Miss Texas 2008, Rebecca Robinson.  Guest of the Texas Delegation.
Publish Post
Alabama delegate Hal Pierce.


DNC to RNC: The Divide

Travelling through middle America is a lot less bleak than it's usually made out to be.  The small towns blow by under the old mercury vapor street lights, cobblestone main streets, neon motels, and a slower life is always as appealing as it is quiet.  On this particular trip, the heartland is more than a place; It is the electoral connective tissue between the Democrats and the Republicans.  A hopscotch of Red-State-Blue-State where life goes on as usual.  The sheep sleep safely in the yard and the church keeps a light on its cross long after the town has faded away with the sunset.

Sheep outside Cope, Colorado.
Grandma's Basement
Nursing home.  Red Cloud Nebraska.
A Mural of Chief Red Cloud & the U.S. Capitol in a Western Wear Store.
Crosses.  Northern Iowa.
Road Kill Raccoon.
Plywood Cornfield Art.  Northern Iowa.