RNC: Arrest-a-Roids

Been shooting non-stop since I returned from the RNC.  Heading out in the morning for another four days.  Might be a break in the storm after the weekend so that I can have a chance to update the color work from the RNC and write something a little more substantial than minimalist captions.  Context for some of these pictures is important.  The short story is that there were a lot of arrests at the RNC.  The longer story deserves more than a sentence.  Anyhow, getting through police lines to the final speech turned out to be an exercise in dealing with less-than-professional police officers.  I have a pretty strong feeling that the protesters who were arrested (along with a handful of journalists) might have more colorful adjectives in mind.  

Seems like a reasonable place to put a police line.
And another in front of the Cathedral.  
Arizona Delegate following the big speech.

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