DNC to RNC: The Divide

Travelling through middle America is a lot less bleak than it's usually made out to be.  The small towns blow by under the old mercury vapor street lights, cobblestone main streets, neon motels, and a slower life is always as appealing as it is quiet.  On this particular trip, the heartland is more than a place; It is the electoral connective tissue between the Democrats and the Republicans.  A hopscotch of Red-State-Blue-State where life goes on as usual.  The sheep sleep safely in the yard and the church keeps a light on its cross long after the town has faded away with the sunset.

Sheep outside Cope, Colorado.
Grandma's Basement
Nursing home.  Red Cloud Nebraska.
A Mural of Chief Red Cloud & the U.S. Capitol in a Western Wear Store.
Crosses.  Northern Iowa.
Road Kill Raccoon.
Plywood Cornfield Art.  Northern Iowa.

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gerik said...

Slaby I love "Grandmas Basement"! ~g