Percocet Blues

This whole thing hasn't been nearly as bad as everyone told me it would be.  All the horror stories covering everything from losing feeling in your neck to being down for two weeks really scared the hell out of me.  In the end I drove myself home, waited for the lidocaine to wear off, and then spent the rest of the day filing a stock request and working in my yard.  No swelling, no bleeding, no bloody pillow, no loss of sensation, no significant lost time, no pain, and I finished the day off with a plate of Salmon and fried shrimp.  If someone had told me just to go to an oral surgeon --not a dentist --and that would be the outcome I could have expected, I'd have done this 13 years ago when I was supposed to.  I even had the procedure with a local and it was just fine.  No crappy sounds, no prying, no cracking.  

That said, the one lesson that I will take away from this is that it's best to take Percocet on a full stomach.  Otherwise you start having hot flashes, your blood pressure takes a little nose dive, you feel nauseous, and the associated dysphoria is a far cry from pleasant.  Had to take a breather yesterday from hanging out with friends and shot some pictures while I sat outside trying to figure out what the hell was going on.  

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bryan said...

That is so odd. I feel like I'm in a time warp. Keep us posted on the status of the cat. Even the Denver Post leaves us hanging.