Fourth of July: Fireworks

Each year Denver musician Zach Spencer has a small party at his parent's house up in the mountain town of Idaho Springs.  It's the second year that I've attended and, hopefully, not the last.  The party kind of divides itself into two natural pieces: the BBQ at the house and then the fireworks that follow.  And the fireworks are something spectacular.  While most of the town watches the fireworks from across the valley, a few dozen people in the know take the dirt road leading right behind where the local fire department is setting them off.  

This year, however, the department was ready, stopping people who came up the road and turning them around.

No worries, though.  Double back, park at the bottom of the hill and walk up a hidden little trail to a vacant church that sits on the hillside just yards from the action.  Hands down the best way to see a fireworks show and, after the chunks of spent pyrotechnics came crashing down onto us, the most interactive way to see one as well.

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