DNC: Quiet Before the Storm

Looks like it might be a full four hours of sleep tonight.  As excited as I am to see this kind of big, political production in my hometown, it's also a bit awkward in the sense that the rest of the world is suddenly upon us trying to define Denver in ways that aren't exactly comfortable or accurate for at least some of us that live here.

But the production itself is the kind of the lens through which I enjoy photographing politics.  These events are hyper-staged, choreographed, and scripted.  Showing that is, to me, one of the most truthful ways to approach politics.  

Anyhow, assuming I get a little sleep this week, I'll try and flesh this idea out a little more.  For the time being, I'll post a few photographs of Denver as it gears up for one of its most historical moments.

Hotel and mural near DNC grounds.
Sidewalk art.
'MLK was a Republican' billboard conspicuously aloft over a mostly Latino neighborhood.
Indy Ink: Silk-screening Obama T-shirts.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Secret Service detail at the Pepsi Center.
Preparing CNN's convention-side building.
The Denver Art Museum near the State Capitol.
Nancy Pelosi and staffers during a pre-convention CNN interview.
'Dr. Suess for President' art exhibit near the DNC grounds.
Indy Ink: The under-side of an Obama silk-screen.

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Kevin German said...

Loves it bro! Can't wait to see more ... rock the Luceo magic!