TIME Turns One Day Gig Into Essay

Had a fun assignment for TIME photographing inside of Cheyenne Mountain, a Cold War-era bunker situated inside of a hollowed out mountain west of Colorado Springs.  The facility was originally designed to sustain an air-dropped nuclear bomb and worked to track space and missile launches around the globe.  The advent of nuclear weaponry capable of leveling the mountain rendered the facility somewhat obsolete; its mission has since been moved to an office building on a nearby Air Force Base although the mountain is still staffed as a backup.

Photographing this assignment was a bit of a challenge.  The Major giving the tour laid out an interesting set of rules:

  1. All people wearing name tags cannot be photographed.
  2. All people in the facility, including people touring the facility, must wear name tags.
  3. All photographs will be reviewed for offending material and will be deleted.

People-less photography.  That's pretty much the bottom line of the experience, with exception where mountain-workers had notice to conceal their name tags.  Rather than fight with the rules, I spent the afternoon making clean, empty pictures of a clean, and largely obsolete building.  TIME.com liked it enough to turn it into an essay and I am proud of the result. 

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Zac said...

Way to go man. I really loved the pics, and it must have been a blast to go into Cheyenne Mt.

Did they let you see the Stargate?

Anyways, you rock my socks, like normal.

- Zac