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Not the most glamourous piece of real-estate in the magazine (as you can see below, a wee little picture drowning in a sea of words), but I definitely had one of the best conversations in the last couple weeks with the subject of the shoot, Helen Garcia, one of my neighbors who lives just steps from my house.  Kind of an everyday hero in the sense that she volunteers massive amounts of time for the local middle and high schools working on health-related issues (and other more academic causes), she's mother to several adult children, grandmother to several more, and an adopted grandma to what seemed like every kid I met in the course of my day with her.  Definitely one of the more positive forces in the neighborhood.  

...And a huge thanks to the editors at USNWR for helping me work around a little scheduling mishap on account of an unopened jury summons.  Even though the Denver summons look like some kind of ridiculous sweepstakes scam, they, um, aren't.  So cheers to unpaid parking tickets, stepping on rakes, and other more exciting civic responsibilities.  

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