Polaroid Odds and Ends

In case it's not already clear, for about the last year I've been carrying around one of my old Polaroid Land Cameras as my, um --please don't laugh --second camera body.  The analogue features of the Polaroid really force a serious slow-down in the approach to shooting and, as a result, lends itself to impromptu portraiture.  Like most of the long-term stuff I'm working on, the start and finish of the Polaroid project is a little bit grey and will probably only really end when the last box of pack film rolls off Fuji's assembly line.  Anyhow, these frames are all side-notes to the TIME shoot featured below, people that I met wandering around Arapahoe County, Colorado. 

(Above: John "30" Werner, "Freedom," a seven year-old ball python, and Veronica Sanchez pictured near their home in Aurora, Colo.)
Tanner Means, 9, of Denver and his dirt bike in Byers, Colo.

Democratic congressional candidate Hank Eng at his campaign headquarters in Littleton, Colorado.  Eng, the son of Chinese immigrants, is a self-described moderate Democrat.  He is running in a historically conservative district against Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman for a seat vacated by longtime conservative, anti-immigrant Congressman Tom Tancredo.   

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shawn rocco said...

i have a few boxes left. i've been "advised" to ebay them when the time is right. but i think they'll be at their most valuable in your hands.
glad to see you posting again.