TIME Campaign Feature

Had another fun assignment for TIME that played out like a three day photographic scavenger hunt.  Started with a short-list of things the magazine was looking for and took to driving around one of Colorado's largest counties, putting in a couple 16-hour days exploring and photographing.  Thrilled with the magazine's choice of pictures and found their hands-off approach to something as thematic and abstract as the electorate of an entire county a welcome and refreshing challenge.

The Pictures

Members of the Sheridan High School football team take a break during half-time.  Sheridan, a small municipality on the most western end of Arapahoe County, shares borders with Denver and is 33% Latino, sharing similar demographics with the state capital, a historically liberal area in a mostly red state.
Owners Yaa Asieduwaa and Peter Dwowoh at the Makola African Market in Aurora Colorado.  The market has been a fixture of the neighborhood for over a decade and serves a largely immigrant clientele. 
Betty Englebrecht plays multiple Bingo cards at the weekly game held at the American Legion hall in Byers, Colorado.  The hall sees between 20 and 70 residents each week from surrounding communities for the game.  
Savanna, Koby, and Tanner Means in rural Byers, Colorado.  Although property values in the Denver metropolitan area have skyrocketed in recent decades, the economic situation in eastern Colorado remains subdued.  Arapahoe County is one of the most populous counties in the United States, though it also encompasses a large swath of rural, eastern Colorado.

The Extras

The city lights of Aurora, Arapahoe County's largest and most populous municipality, reflect off low clouds hugging the plains east of the city.  
A nearly-completed house marks the furthest edge of eastern development on the fringes of Aurora, Colorado.  Aurora is Arapahoe County's largest and most populous municipality and is currently experiencing a construction boom.
Crista Laughlin shows a photograph of her 18 year-old daughter who recently completed basic training in the U.S. Navy.  She is flanked by Patriot Guard Riders "Sparky" Blanks and "Sarge" Knight at a home in Aurora, Colorado.  
Elvis Gallego, an Elvis impersonator, McCain supporter, and postal worker, sits for a portrait in his home near downtown Littleton, Colorado.  Gallegos initially backed Clinton before switching to McCain fearing Barack Obama, the Democratic Presidential Nominee, lacked the requisite experience for the presidency.


tomleininger said...

Nice work. I like the portrait of the mom holding the picture very much.

Down with the Get Down said...

Slaby, as always, easy on the eyes. Thanks